Welcome to Salad House

The sometimes mobile production and mixing space for musician, producer, engineer Josh Block.

Current Location

Los Angeles, CA


A handful of works performed on, produced, written, engineered, mixed (sometimes all of the above) by:

w:48 h:60Jamestown Revival - Young Man
w:48 h:60Zachary Williams - Dirty Camaro
w:48 h:60CAAMP - By & By
w:48 h:60CAAMP - Officer of Love
w:48 h:60Slim & The Beast - Billie
w:48 h:60Robert Ellis - Lights from the Chemical Plant
w:48 h:60Robert Ellis - exas Piano Man
w:48 h:60Robert Ellis and Courtney Hartman - Dear John
w:48 h:60Leon Bridges - Coming Home
w:48 h:60Leon Bridges - Good Thing
w:48 h:60Leon Bridges - Gold Diggers Sound
w:48 h:60Leon Bridges & Khruangbin - Texas Sun
w:48 h:60Leon Bridges & Khruangbin - Texas Moon
w:48 h:60Bun B ft Leon Bridges - Gone Away
w:48 h:60Odesza ft Leon Bridges - Across the Room
w:48 h:60Macklemore ft Leon Bridges - Kevin
w:48 h:60Concussion Soundtrack
w:48 h:60Space Jam 2 Soundtrack
w:48 h:60Gili Yalo - Made in Amharica
w:48 h:60NEEDTOBREATHE - Forever on Your Side
w:48 h:60Quaker City Nighthawks - QCNH
w:48 h:60Lola Kirke - And Friends and Foes and Friends Again
w:48 h:60Paul Cauthen - Room 41
w:48 h:60Paul Cauthen - Country Coming Down
w:48 h:60Vincent Neil Emerson - Fried Chicken and Evil Women
w:48 h:60Jake Paleschic - Wrongdoer
w:48 h:60Frank Turner - Be More Kind
w:48 h:60Bastards of Soul - Spinnin’
w:48 h:60Nicole Atkins - Goodnight Rhonda Lee
w:48 h:60White Denim - Let’s Talk About It
w:48 h:60White Denim - Workout Holiday
w:48 h:60White Denim - Explosion
w:48 h:60White Denim - Fits
w:48 h:60White Denim - Last Day of Summer
w:48 h:60White Denim - Live at Third Man
w:48 h:60White Denim - D
w:48 h:60White Denim - Corsicana Lemonade
w:48 h:60Craig Finn - Clear Eyes Full Heart
w:48 h:60Justin Currie - Lower Reaches
w:48 h:60
w:48 h:60


What's in the racks right now. This list is subject to change.

Rack 1
w:150 h:408x Neve 33129
w:150 h:40Neve 33609
w:150 h:40SSL G384
w:150 h:40API 5502
w:150 h:404x Langevin EQ-251-A
w:150 h:40Lang peq-2
w:150 h:40Lang peq-2
w:150 h:402x Urei LA3A
w:150 h:40Urei 1176
w:150 h:40Urei 1176
Rack 2
w:150 h:40Grimm Audio CC1
w:150 h:40Forssell MADA
w:150 h:40Lynx Aurora n
w:150 h:40Maselec MPL-2
w:150 h:40Manley Vari Mu
w:150 h:40Esoteric Audio Research 825q
w:150 h:40Pueblo Audio Sidewinder
w:150 h:40Pultec SP-3 Stereo Panner
w:150 h:40Avocet IIA Monitor Controller
Rack 3
w:150 h:4010 Channel Spectra Sonics Sidecar
w:150 h:40AGC LA-1D
w:150 h:40AGC LA-1D
w:150 h:40AWA RCA BA-6A
Rack 4
w:150 h:4010 Channel Spectra Sonics Sidecar
w:150 h:40Pultec EQP-1A Vintage
w:150 h:40Altec RS-124
w:150 h:40Altec RS-124
w:150 h:40Teletronix LA-2A
Rack 5
w:150 h:402x Klangfilm RZ062
w:150 h:40Collins 26U-1
w:150 h:40Collins 26U-1
Rack 6
w:150 h:40Space Echo RE-201
w:150 h:40HH Electronic Echo Unit
w:150 h:40Eventide H3000 SE
w:150 h:40Eventide H910
w:150 h:40Eventide FL201
w:150 h:40Quantec Yardstic
w:150 h:40Lexicon Model 200
w:150 h:40Lexicon 300Larc


diagram w:600 h:400

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